Are Backlink Indexing Services Relevant In 2017?

Are SEO Backlink Indexing Services Relevant In 2017? – – In a world where the social media engagement can be measured on every piece of content that’s ever been published on the Internet do the old school blog fingers still work and all are they still relevant? In this video, after doing some research we can find more White hat reasons to use the black hat!

It’s 2017 Google is crawling sites faster and more often than ever, especially if you have a decent site linked to search console. You can perform a “fetch as Google,
” and Googlebot will crawl and index the most recent version of your page and return valuable insights about it. To add to that, if logged into Google, you can simply do a submit URL, and I’ve seen pages indexed within seconds.

So you are wondering why does someone even need a link indexer? There are multiple reasons, ranging from the completely “white hat” to black. Let’s do a rundown” of both!


  1. Robert Haycraft says:

    I ofter wondered if they were anything more than a hole in my cridit card…good info…I like the spin on” white hat” … I think think you know what color my hat is!

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