Etsy SEO 2018: Etsy Algorithm Changes

Etsy SEO 2018: Etsy Algorithm Changes

How to do Etsy SEO the right way in 2018 and beyond with the Etsy SEO algorithm changes in mind! In this video I cover what’s working now, and what will continue to work. I also tell you how to overcome any future Etsy algorithm changes that may throw you off! Thanks for watching.

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  1. AddToCart says:

    Thanks everyone for watching. Please comment your thought here, and be sure to join my email list in the description above to be notified when I release my SEO playbook for 2018 and beyond. (Future Proof). Cheers! 👍

  2. Lady Gemologist says:

    Marmalead is still encouraging repeating titles and tags.. with these we still repeat title and tags..or different tags from title.

  3. Lynette Dale-Paulsen says:

    Very helpful! Two questions: 1) I’ve heard many comments about how (for instance) “shirt” and “shirts” are looked at separately by Etsy. Would you consider these two separate nouns? 2) Does this info apply to keywords? So, from your example, would you only have one keyword that included “soap” and have separate keywords that just say “natural” etc and no other keywords that included “soap”? Thanks!

  4. Lenore Berry-Zaragosa says:

    Thanks Dave. What is your Etsy shop link?

  5. Silver And Ribbons says:

    Hi can you look at my Etsy store and give me some tips plz

    • AddToCart says:

      Hey there! If you go to the link in the description above, you can get a shop critique from me! Thank you!

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