Etsy SEO. How to shorten titles for the 2018 Algorithm changes

This is the third video on Etsy ‘The Ultimate guide to etsy search’ looking at the most asked question based on that paper
How do we make the new short titles? To improve your SEO and fit in with these Algorithm changes in 2018 we need short concise titles, how can we use our Etsy statistics to decide which keywords are the most important to use in our titles
I show you a step by step how I shorten my titles

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  1. Pam Duthie says:

    What are your biggest questions on this document?

  2. Rozani Designs Masquerade says:

    I had to double check for repeated words in my title. Glad I did. Removed a few and still kept main keywords in the title.

    The rest goes into tags and description. Whereas, in my description, the synonyms are preferably used without being redundant.

    Helps to check back while trying to keep relevance in mind.


    • Pam Duthie says:

      Yes exactly 🙂 just always checking back. I had no idea that listing was so bad till I went to look at it 😀 so much not needed there. I think this has been really cool to get us all to have a good look at our listings – and this is the perfect time of year to do that

  3. vintage Nr5 says:

    thank you, this was very good video.

  4. Daniel Batal says:

    I officially know way too much about stuff I don’t use. I completely blame you.

    • Pam Duthie says:

      Welcome to my world. I know so so much useless stuff – so if I can force it on you then there will be two of us in the world that know the link in the music round in the pub quiz in 1994 was ‘Brown’
      But I have no idea what a verb is or how to conjugate it
      I hate my brain 😀

  5. Sena Tidwell says:

    very good I get it, started doing a little changes. I am new so not much stats to go by, so I am going to make each listing a little different to see what works. I hope I will be ready for holidays, thanks you, you are the best.

    • Pam Duthie says:

      That is the perfect idea, you have plenty listings so you can make loads of experiments and see what is working for your shop and get stats for it. I honestly think you are going to do great. I know its a slog and seems such a lot of work, but little and often and its not really so much

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