Etsy Seo Tips: Mistakes YOU might make on your Etsy listings SEO

Etsy SEO Tips and Mistakes you might be making with your Etsy listings’ SEO!!!

I see some of these #etsyseo mistakes often. They seem harmless at first but they can hurt your #Etsy shop’s sales and lead to less views! So watch this entire video please and let me help you become successful on Etsy!

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  1. bookmaid1 says:

    Thank you Dave, another helpful video, I will be cleaning up my SEO today. I’m wondering if you’ve ever tried EtsyRank? I used to use Marmalead which is great but more expensive than etsyrank, the reason I switched. Just want you to know I love your straight forward approach and short videos. No extra chatter or off topic subjects…great for the busy sellers out there. Your tips have already increased my views, favorites and sales. Thanks so much!

  2. Eastwood Designs In NH says:

    Great job Dave!

  3. Mark Tzerelshtein says:

    Thank you! Need some heavy tag/title cleaning to do:))

  4. AddToCart says:

    Did you find this video useful? Thanks for commenting, liking, and subscribing everyone! Here are the links I mentioned!
    😻My eBooks & Coaching (use code: DAVE for 10% off)
    🔥Marmalead SEO Tool:

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