Free Ninja Level AMP SEO Training + How To Kill A Botnet

3:30 The Ninja Level AMP SEO 5 Finger Death Punch
4: 30 Schema so pretty it’s a Geekgasm
5:30 Does Google know about your awesomeness?
5:50 We’d had enough of you dawg – you’ve been riding this gravy train for a while
7:20 Why you need to remove embedded content and iframes in AMP
9:45 How to take missing link opportunities from the future
10:52 Miss your open graph data – add it now!
12:30 Gangster AMP move take 2!
16:30 The Fuck You wall of Death
17:07 Automatic bot killing
17:30 Why would google hunt for a Jetpack?
18:38 I Had to kill a lot of people
19:05 Google Spiders on Linux?
20:00 Ninja AMP tutorial (slight return)
22:05 You Can’t Say That wasn’t Original!

Free Ninja Level AMP SEO Training + How To Kill A Botnet – – Watch 30 minutes of Free Ninja Level AMP SEO Training plus and off the cuff tutorial on how to best dial in your WordFence live traffic to kill a botnet. Learn to block out crappy traffic to your website while letting Google keep crawling through!! This is a sneak peek from The Best Search Engine Console Class Of Course Of All Time by Udemy instructor Jason Quinlan.

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