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SEO stands for search engine optimization .SEO is an online marketing technique which help you to bring your website or youtube videos or youtube channel on top in search engines results for a particular keyword .when user type some words on search engine to find out something these words are known as keywords. Estimated 75% internet user findout website or youtube video content via search engine like google ,youtube ,yahoo ,bing. So you can easily get youtube videos rank with zero or no subscriber within days. we discussed in this video some important factors that play key role to rank your youtube videos with no subs.
first of all select your topic and then you can easily search your targeted keywords by using keyword everywhere extention . how to search your better keywords for highly profitable niches so that you will be able to earn a lot ,it is a very easy technique and you can easily learn it from my another tutorial of ,
your search volume must from 500 minimum to 5000 maximum with high cpc and low competition . afterward you should add some helping keyword with your long tail keyword . the lenth of your title should lie in 55 to 60 words for proper seo of your youtube videos .after selecting your title check your top ten competitor that how they work and how they did seo for their videos . watch their video title , their thumbnail , their tags and how old are their videos and their video length also play good result for no 1 ranking in top searches . make your tags with long tail keywords . create your eye catching thumbnail to attract your viewrs . search out the weak point of your competitors in top ten ranking . Now when you create your title according to proper keywords then copy your title and then click right on the video for whom you are doing seo . go in detail option write your title proper tags and subtitle . make sure to avail rating 5 stars . Now after uploading your video write best description and write article from 500 to 700 hundered words according to video . give your social media links and your youtube channel link for subscribing . also give links of your more videos in the article . afterward provide best tags . use endscreen or annotation for ranking your video higher in top ten searches . Also use cards of your other videos and cards will also help to rank your video at no 1 . Add play list with your longtail selected keyword that will also help to optimize your video
use social media for video sharing . like and comment also play good role in top ranking .
so in this way you can easily get rank youtube videos with no subs .Best
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