How To Rank Your Website On Google in 2017 using SEO [Part 4]


Hello, I am Eric Lancheres and wanted to take this opportunity to introduce my program Traffic Research Insider’s Club.

However, before I start, I wanted to ask you a quick question… “Are you happy with the amount of sales and traffic that is going to your website each and every day”?
We understand that there is an immense amount of work that goes into setting up a website, only to discover the traffic that we get rarely meets our expectations.
Having said that, ranking a website is not easy, it never has been, but when you apply the work, the returns you get make it well worth it…such as me earning $1.4 million in sales from ONE page.

So I very much teach everything that I apply to my websites, meaning, you will learn everything that I do in order to get the same types of revenue I do…. so what is it you will get in the Traffic Research Insiders Club?

1. Over my shoulder techniques: This is the process whereby I show you the exact practical (not theory) steps that I take to get better rankings. This means seeing the rawness of what is involved in SEO and how to apply it so you can do it the right away without any confusion.

2. Member’s area: The world’s best online program for ranking your website on Google. It is a continuously updated training program that teaches search engine optimization (SEO) to people who want more traffic to their website…. and the best thing about it is that the teachings are based on tests carried out and not repeating old dated techniques that no longer work.

3. Video Lessons: Videos are updated on a weekly basis showing you techniques ranging from
– What to do when an existing page is stuck and simply won’t budge
– What to do with a brand new page that you want to rank as quickly as possible.
– How to get quality & authoritative backlinks that increase traffic back to your site (in an easy and natural manner)
– How to manufacture backlinks in ultra competitive markets that are highly lucrative)

4. Link Vault: An exclusive insider network where you can get extremely powerful links that curb your rankings to the top of Google in record time…. and the best thing of all, you get someone else to do the work for you!

5.SEO Advanced Forum: The private Traffic Research forum is where our community shares secrets and helps each other through challenges with SEO.

6. Plus much much more (See the video)

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