Increase Youtube Views and Ranking By Facebook Sharing | Youtube SEO Optimization Tips and Tricks

Facebook is the first and top social site in the world. Where there is a lot of people gather at a time. Most of the media’s are dependent on Facebook traffic today. Facebook is the top suitable place for generating and rising YouTube video views and ranking first. But Most of the YouTuber’s are not know well for this. Most of the time they can not share their youtube videos on the right place of and right way on facebook. Sometimes for lack of knowledge they make several mistakes through Youtube video facebook sharing. Sometimes the adopt some spamming method for this. As a results their hard work for YouTube SEO go to dogs. They fail to get the result. In My video I describe details about Facebook Video Marketing.
1. Where You Share Your Youtube Video’s On Facebook?
Ans: You Can Share Your Content link On your personal FB profile, Pages or Groups. You can also share your link on the comment box of highly populated FB post. Where there is lot of comments and likes.

2. How Should you share your link for better and effective SEO Optimization?
Ans: You always try to post your link with a short description on facebook. It will helps you for better Video SEO Optimization. That it will reach among more people. When a facebook article reaches more then it will be more better for YouTube marketing.

3. What Should be the perfect timing for Video Marketing on facebook.
Ans: People on the facebook varies with time. You should have to find out the pick our for driving more external traffic from facebook on your content for better marketing. Generally most of the people are in facebook at 9.00pm-12.00pm in Bangladesh-india region. If You Share your link within that time period,that will helps you growing first.
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