Live Audit SEO Audit Ep. #1 – Driving School SEO / Marketing Website

In this brand new series, I’ll be doing live SEO audits & recommendations around sites you guys in the community have submitted.

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  1. Charles Floate says:

    The things I noted that I would change to be better optimized on this website:
    – Redo keyword research to make sure you’re targeting keywords with actual searches.
    – Potentially look at targeting web design keywords over marketing keywords (based upon my KW research)
    – Create new content around above keyword research – Including a page around “Driving School Marketing Ideas” & “Tips”.
    – Optimize meta titles around above keyword research.
    – Redo internal linking of supporting content, using a different exact/partial match anchor each time.
    – Expand pages you’re trying to rank for / with higher monthly search volume.
    – Build citations if can get access to a UK address.
    – Build links to the inner pages you’re trying to rank as well – Due to the small competition, 1-2 links is all you’ll realistically need.

  2. Lab41 says:

    Would like to see a nice 100page+ affiliate site reviewed. A site that looks decent, pulling in good traffic and see what you’d focus on.

  3. Johannes Andersen says:

    You only take on local sites in this series?

  4. Sin kovec says:

    I’m sure the guy is making millions with that service! I’m constantly surprised what people waste their lives with. No hopers.

  5. Shaun Bird says:

    The mission statement under the large image doesn’t make sense. ‘To make YOU driving school flourish’

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