Local SEO Guide For 2017 – How To Rank A Local Website In Google

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to rank a local website in just a few, simple steps.

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Local SEO is one of the simplest ways to rank websites out there, and it’s way too over thought. So I thought I’d create a super simple tutorial on exactly how to rank a website locally in Google.


  1. Charles Floate says:

    I also did a blog post with more detail on this here:

  2. Airsoftzone says:

    Hello Charles, thank for your information. Means a lot. 2 litte question. Are phone verified social profiles always necessary or are shares enough? What about parasites for local? why not going this route, seems easier? thank you

    • Charles Floate says:

      Profiles are necessary for the profile links. Yes they work, but most people want local SEO done for clients.

  3. Tim Sutton says:

    Cool video Charles, you gotta for Todd Foster’s link services?

  4. Mark H says:

    also, multiple locations local, one website, multiple pages for multiple cities?

  5. Mark H says:

    Question: what about writing blog posts about the specific neighborhoods where we want leads from?

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