Poshmark Listing Tutorial. How to Make a Proper Poshmark Listing, Boost SEO!

Poshmark 101. Tutorial on how to make a Poshmark listing. We talk about key words, enhancing your title to boost your SEO for both Poshmark and Google search engine. Great for the Poshmark newbie and vet.

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  1. Beverly Krug says:

    Awesome video. Bam I failed the shirt quiz but passed shoe quiz lol. Some items are so hard to describe. I tend to put items back when sourcing because I don’t know what it is. Huge mistake with a pair of rag and bone jeans. Should have picked thoes bad boys up!!

    • The Thrifty Flamingo says:

      +Beverly Krug Congrats on the host pick! Keep up the great work!

    • Beverly Krug says:

      The Thrifty Flamingo I will do that!! Thanks for all your help. I got a second host pick on the same pair of shoes today at the best in shoes and boots party. That’s exciting. Couldn’t do it without your amazing advice on pics!!😊

    • The Thrifty Flamingo says:

      +Beverly Krug So! Join their email list! ASAP! They are good for sourcing when they are having a sale. When it’s a regular day, very small if any profit margin. If you think about it, they are in the same business! They take good condition fashionable clothes, and sell them cheaper than retail for a profit (sound familiar 😉) They have GOOD clearance sales tho. But you’ve gotta be in the know so get on those emailing list!

    • Beverly Krug says:

      The Thrifty Flamingo what are your thoughts on Plato’s closet for sourcing. I was wondering if they are to expensive. There are 2 not to far away

    • The Thrifty Flamingo says:

      +Beverly Krug On the inside of Rag and Bone Jeans (I believe by the left front hip) next to the size tag is a small tag that tells the wash. And on the back it will have a long strip tag telling you what Cut of pants. So if the strip tag says ‘Becket 10 inch bell’ and the small tag says ‘Aston’ all you have to do is google Becket 10 inch bell Aston wash! R&B is goooood like that. I’ve never had a problem identifying them. Other brands can be a little trickier. There will be a next time for you to find R&B, I know it!

  2. Elisa Goldman says:

    Great video. ❤️ the don’t be offering me $10 for these….. ugh, low ballers.

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