SEO help for ETSY SHOP Owners

SEO Help for ETSY SHOP Owners. I’ve created a listing where I can give you personalized seo help for your ETSY SHOP. Click the link to go straight to the listing.

You will have a few questions to answer and then I will make you a personalized video .

SEO HELP for your ETSY shop is the item I offer. This will get you more views and show up in more search results . The higher results should result in more sales. I will look over your shop and tell you how to optimize your shop better and how to change your search engine optimized (SEO) words to show up higher in the search results in Google, Etsy, and various other places.

Most people would rather have a video that walks them through everything instead of reading a PDF. Plus they need to know what will work for their store, not a ONE SIZE FITS ALL for seo and their shops. That Why I created this Listing

Here’s what you get.
– Document with questions I need answered before I can start…..then
-You will get a personalized video going over your ETSY SHOP and a few items.
-Then a few items from your competitors shops.
-Keywords that would work better and their search volume.
-Action plan on what to do in your shop
-Expect 1 week from ordered date to receiving of the personalized video.

This is PERSONALIZED SEO help. That’s what separates this from other listings.

Most Etsy sellers want more traffic to their ETSY SHOP.
Most of the time Etsy tells you the following:
ETSY’s way to rank:
The beginning of your titles mean more than the end.
Make your title what people are searching for
Use all 13 tags for each listing.
Use phrases like “red bike” instead of separating them, “red” , “bike.”
Similar items should be tagged and titled differently.
Use the search bar to get ideas.
Use phrases from your description.

That’s part of it but there is more to it. I run an SEO business for local and national businesses. It’s what I do and what I like. I also make certain cosplay items here on ETSY. ( everyone needs a hobby 🙂 )


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