SEO Tip: Increase Site Speed, Avoid Crawl Errors & NoFollow Comments

In the last lesson in my three part WordPress SEO Tune-Up Series I am going to show you how to easily speed up you websites load time, quickly identify any crawl errors and make sure you are not bleeding link juice through any nasty outbound comment links.

To check out the rest of the lessons in this series and make sure you WordPress website is 100% search engine optimized and to get the transcription of this lesson go ahead and visit my blog at:


  1. Rachel Wolany says:

    Hey Derek,

    Thanks for the information. My site slowed down in the last couple of
    weeks and I have been puzzled by this. But I will check out your advice
    and see if I can speed things up.

    • Rachel Wolany says:

      +Frank Gainsford Hey Frank, when you say it like that it makes sense. They
      say not to use too many plugins but I can’t help myself.

      I have about 20 – when really I should just pay for a premium theme. I
      have been thinking about it, but I get scared with change like that because
      it just stresses me out, like nothing I have ever experienced before. I
      have sever caches, plugins for CSS, picture. Security, you name it I have
      it. But I will work around it.

      My problem is I believe everyone on YOu tube and follow their tutorials and
      before I know it, I have thinks I am not sure I can delete now because I
      don’t know if they impact on another pluggin.

      My complicated and stressful blogging experience and I thrive and love it.

    • Frank Gainsford says:

      +Rachel Wolany when your site slowed down, what plugins did you add?

      word press has issues with plugins that are jealous, and refuse to share
      the toys. these arguments about who can play with the toys, and what the
      rules are for playing with the toys can cause some serious disruptions for
      your WordPress site.

      Some times the owners of the plugins change their server side scripts, and
      this can also cause your site to slow down. word press sites are nice and
      easy, but they do require some tricky and devious maintenance tips.

      I am not a word press expert, but there are enough stories out there that
      have floated down my stream….

      speak to +Susan Finch of +Susan Finch Solutions she may be able to put
      you in the right circle of folks who use word press.

      enjoy and take care

  2. Lead CastingCall says:

    Thank You for this video. It helped me a lot.

  3. Pest Control Las Vegas says:

    Thanks I almost made this mistake of “no follow” on my homepage. 

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