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Subject: One Plugin To Solve All Your WordPress SEO Problems
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Hi there,

Good news my friends, SEOPressor is launching
the latest version of its plugin, SEOPressor Connect!

SEO has always been a tedious and complicated process.
The only way to go about SEO has always been either paying
too much money to SEO agencies and get average results,
or to spend too much time optimizing your own page and
not even knowing what you’ve done works.

Sure there are plugins that you can install to
help you with your SEO, but whether these plugins
are free or premium, they are all incomplete.
There isn’t one plugin that does all your SEO work.
You’ll have to install multiple plugins just to get
things done and you don’t want that because it will
get your website cluttered, get incompatibility issues,
gets slow and paying for multiple plugins will
end up costing you a bomb.

But starting from today, the SEO world is
going to change for the better.

There finally is a solution for all your SEO woes,
and it comes in the form of SEOPressor Connect.
SEOPressor is a WordPress SEO plugin that has optimized
over 15,000,000 web pages and helped them
ranked highly on search engines.

The latest version of SEOPressor Connect however,
has gotten a huge upgrade. It’s core function,
which is the On-page SEO analysis has been enhanced
and improved so much that it is now as good as having
an expert SEO mentor guiding you through your SEO.

Many features are also added into SEOPressor Connect
to cover all the essestial on-page SEO process.
SEOPressor can now:

Alert you on precisely on what’s hurting your website
so you can fix them instantly.
Control how the Internet understands your website.

Improve search relevancy without messing with a single line of code.

Give you complete governance over how search engine
crawlers navigate your website. Steer them the way
you like for better indexation control.

Help you build and manage your internal link structure effortlessly.

With all these added features, SEOPressor is undoubtedly
the best WordPress SEO Plugin in the market right now.
It is the only plugin that you need and it cost only $57 $39 $19 $9!

And to add icing on the cake, if you buy SEOPressor Connect right now,
you’ll even get the series ebook for beginner worth $199 for free!
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