Video SEO: YouTube Steps In As The Authority Over Google



  1. Thane's Business says:

    youtube is generally no good for me because I cannot talk. i prefer traditional seo. however for one site i sent questions to my subjects and have them send me the video

  2. Atonah says:

    But the person who will search for “Local seo keyword research” will be only looking for a ‘particular step or tutorial for local seo’ and in this case it is “local seo keyword research”.

    ‘local seo’ is already known to that person and he or she is only looking for keyword research guide, then why he will watch any video that will have step by step local seo guide tutorial or information about local seo.

    And that is the reason why first 2 results are there with their positions.

    Your video and other people’s video with “local seo” is ranking their because youtube may not found any more relative, trusted or athorativ videos regarding that search term or intent.

    If you will make a video on this particular tutorial then you might get the first position in few days because google already trust on you and in this case this video will be straight forward with quick tutorial about “local seo keyword research” instead of “full local seo tutorial”.. Right?

  3. kRan says:

    That’s good revenue due to your niche. Some of the bigger niches like gaming make usually $100 to $300 per 100k views.

    • h hefner says:

      so that means Ruan is getting about 14 CPM, that’s really good, especially better compared to gaming of 1-3 CPM as mentioned above.

  4. Shekhar Mishra says:


    please, we don’t want YouTube 😐
    bring SEO only, that is why most are subscribed to you.

  5. Emmanuel Er says:

    Nice to see you having “Not all heroes wear capes” as suggested music, 🤣 we got the same music taste

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