What is SEO? Learn SEO With This Free SEO Tutorial (2018)

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The goal of this video is to help you understand what SEO is and how to use it correctly to your business’ advantage.
The ideal outcome is that you will learn how to optimize your site for search engines according to the most recent best practices and your sales funnel.
This is important because landing in the first 5 entries on Search Engine Results Pages is crucial. If you’re not in the first 5, you are pretty much invisible.

You’ll have to do this on your entire website and on any piece of new content you post. Also, you will have to do this recurrently, each time there’s a new search engine update, and each time you are changing your growth strategy.

The person that should be doing this is your SEO, your webmaster, your web developer, or your content writer, depending on the particular SEO task that needs to be ran.

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