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There are many things that influence how well a video ranks in search results, but watch time, audience retention, and viewer session are three that influence video SEO the most. In this video I share with you a little yet important tip to rank your videos.

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The first tip that I’m going to share with you is something that 99% of our population or at least our client base overlooks. It sounds so simple when I tell you.

All you need to do is label your files correctly. Instead of uploading a video, how about we start labelling it properly so that YouTube actually knows what this video file is?

If the title of your video is How to Fly a Kite, then that is exactly what you should be labelling your video to be as well. You simply type it as you write it,

Once you’ve labeled it properly, then you can upload it to YouTube. YouTube will have a better idea of what this video file is all about.

Now, the second tip that I’d like to share with you that will get your videos performing a little better happens right after you upload your video. As soon as you’ve uploaded your video, you’ve got the option to enter in a description of what that video is all about.

The way that you should do this, in your first line, you simply write the title of the video. On the second line, put the web address of where that video is going to live on your blog, but make sure that you put the before it otherwise YouTube won’t really understand what it’s all about.

Then after that, write a paragraph in the description box of what this video is all about. If you can use the title or a few of the keywords that you want to be ranking for in that paragraph, it’ll give YouTube a better idea and help you to rank a little bit better for those keywords.

Then at the bottom of the description box, put the title again and the web address of where it’s going to be found. That way you had it at the beginning and end of your description.

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